Our AmarLab Story

AmarLab provides end to end diagnostic test service from sample collection to testing to report delivery directly from customer premises to ensure customers get the full benefit of an efficient, friendly and reliable diagnostic test service without requiring to make a time consuming visit to diagnostic centers and hence saving time, money and hassle.

A Problem Worth Solving

Transportation in our cities are hectic, time consuming and expensive. For individuals who are not fit to walk, handicap accessibility in the overall city is almost non-existent. For families without private cars, visiting a diagnostic center/hospital can be very stressful. For busy professionals, it is hard to manage time to visit diagnostic centers. Moreover, reputed diagnostic centers are usually crowded with patients and the waiting time for conducting tests are often long.

A Timely Solution

AmarLab, being the first of its kind initiative, empowers people as they do not need to travel to and wait at diagnostic centers for medical tests anymore. With AmarLab, people now can avail diagnostic services from patients’ home or office locations as they prefer.

How AmarLab Works

Step 1: Order Placement
Client calls at our hotline or message us on our Facebook page to book service

Step 2: Sample Collection
Our trained sample collector visits clients’ preferred location at their preferred date, time to collect the samples. We submit the samples to clients’ preferred diagnostic centers.

Step 3: Report Delivery
We collect the test reports on clients’ behalf and hand-deliver to them.