Corporate Executive Health Checkup

Today’s corporate officials have a challenging schedule to maintain. Hence, it becomes difficult for them to manage time for regular health checkup either for themselves or their families. Traditional healthcare services are unable to properly cater to their needs. AmarLab is uniquely designed as per their requirements and convenience. Our goal is to make healthcare easily accessible to everyone, everywhere. AmarLab empowers employees by offering onsite executive health checkup to help them stay healthy.

Our Corporate Services

  • Executive Health Checkup
    • Complete Blood Count
    • Diabetes Screening (RBS, HbA1c)
    • Thyroid Screening (TSH)
    • Liver Screening (ALT / SGPT)
    • Kidney Screening (S. Creatinine)
    • Gout Screening (Uric Acid)
    • Electrolytes Screening (S. Electrolytes)
    • Lipid Screening (Cholesterol, HDL, LDL & TG)
  • Consultancy and health tips from senior doctor
  • Report delivery at office
  • Special corporate discount
  • Customized test packages according to need